Here I am, Bahare, captured in my favorite color - Narengi by one of my dearest friends!

My name is Bahare and I have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember through my lens. It's something I've always enjoyed doing, and my dream has been to become a photographer. To make that happen, I went to the Academic Center for Education, Culture, and Research Institute for three years to learn everything I could about photography. After I finished it, I worked as a freelance photographer and photo editor and I was able to work on many exciting and interesting projects. I'm excited to continue pursuing my dream and see where it takes me in the future, now that I have Narengi Studio to help me achieve my goals.
The name "Narengi" comes from the earliest Persian word for tangerines, which were called "Narengi" due to their orange color. I believe that the color orange is a symbol of warmth, vibrancy, and happiness, and I aim to incorporate these qualities into my photography. This name holds a special meaning for me as it represents my roots and where I come from.
By choosing the name Narengi for my photography studio, I hope to create a personal and unique experience for my clients that captures the essence of their special moments with the same warmth and vibrancy.
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